Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Show City Hall how you feel about the streetcar

Print out and display this poster at your home, office or club.
Boondoggle Poster
Cincinnati will be shovelling your tax dollars into this monster for at least the next thirty years unless we VOTE YES to stop streetcar spending.


  1. I heavily, heavily promoted the taxpayer-funded stadiums 15 years ago. The streetcar is the finest economic development project to come along since those stadiums revitalized our county.

    Please, support our streetcars. They will be just as great for the city as those stadiums. You have my word.

  2. I have enjoyed watching the magic of trickle down economics that has kept solvent the stadium fund I pushed for in the 1990's. Hooray for the magic of lower taxes increasing revenues. Hip hip hooray.

  3. Anytime we talk about the success of the stadiums, I want everyone to remember that I was on television advocating for this idea more than anyone. I was the face of the stadium tax campaign.

    This streetcar will do as much good for the city as my stadiums have. I know it.

  4. COAST, you suck.

  5. Suck, suck, suck. Seriously. COAST is poo. I won't even argue with you guys anymore. It's like fighting with 5 year olds. So, I'm just calling you names from now on.

  6. ^^^

    A typical liberal argument.

  7. No, I've given typical liberal arguments that are educated, researched, and higher than a 5th grade reading level, but that doesn't sway hysteria, ignorance, and gee-shucks, Palin style common sense. So, I'm just name calling now. You guys are stoooooopid.

  8. If I take the streetcar, I can get shot at various points on the route like Fountain Square and Findlay Market!

  9. I enjoy visiting Mariemont and Mount Healthy.

    However, I feel these places are unsafe because both places have had more criminal shootings this year than either Fountain Square or Findlay Market.

    It has clearly been shown, by the trend of a single occurrence, that Cincinnati's police are far more effective at neutralizing the threat posed by a gun-wielding maniac by stopping both perpetrators in Downtown before they could cause harm to innocent victims.

    Not so, unfortunately, in the suburbs of Mt. Healthy and Mariemont. The suburban police agencies were unable to prevent criminals from harming innocent victims. Thus, both of these place must be more dangerous than Cincinnati.

    We must petition the county to stop building new roads in and around these areas, and sever off all connections they have to the rest of the region, so that no more innocent victims will be subject to the violence allowed to occur within the borders of Mariemont and Mount Healthy.

  10. Thanks for the poster COAST!!!

    I will be sure to put them in my restaurant..... in all of the toilets. That way, all of my patrons can take a satisfying pee on all of your stupid anti-city ideas.

    If you people hate Cincy so much, leave. We won't miss you.

    PS: I'm a Republican, and I'm going to dump all over your ballot initiative this November.


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