Friday, March 11, 2011

Where hipsters go to retire

Oregon is one of only a dozen states where the majority of its residents aren't from there. Each year thousands of 20-somethings move to Portland.

The city's entire population is growing, but Portland is still about 80 percent white, making it one of the most homogeneous metropolitan cities in the country.

Many of the migrants don't have jobs, kids or a mortgage. So why do they keep coming?

'A Mecca For The Misplaced'

'Fewer Jobs, Lower Pay, High Migration'

"In recessions, Portland tends to see population growth, even as we lose jobs," Kaylor says. "So one of the reasons we have that higher unemployment rate is because people do continue to move here even as jobs disappear."
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Is this the recipe Mayor Mallory is using to repopulate Cincinnati?


  1. Lets use Tom Lukens recipe, he definitely kept the population of Cincinnati growing!

  2. It must be really miserable being you

  3. Joe with a Mullet from PortlandMarch 11, 2011 at 4:08 PM

    If you live in Portland like I do, you don't need a job. You don't need a car. You don't need a roof over your head. You don't need to eat meat.

    Because Portland has a STREETCAR!!! We don't need anything else.

  4. Why did you chose to ignore this quote from the very same article?

    Recently, Sun Microsystems was trying to decide whether to close a plant in Portland or in California's Silicon Valley. The company asked employees from both places if they would relocate.

    "And the responses were night and day," Kaylor says. "The skilled California workers they wanted to keep were enthusiastic about relocating their families to the Portland area. The Portland employees who were skilled indicated that they would quit rather than relocate in the Bay Area."

    Build a city that has a good quality of life, where people enjoy living, and jobs follow.

  5. Portland unemployment stuck at 10%

    US Unemployment Rate, December 2010 - 9.1%
    Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro MSA - 9.9%

    Somehow, all those great jobs leaving for Portland don't seem to be arriving there. Maybe they got lost on the evil highways and bridges that The Streetcar Mafia so despises?

  6. Meanwhile what's COAST's plans for repopulating Cincinnati...

    Never once have they offered a suggestion or idea.

  7. Great post. Let the young people go to Portland, we don't need them here. This city has done just fine, especially since Tom Luken came on the scene. I don't know why the above poster made a snap at him. Luken said it best in 2009 when asked what he'd change:

    “Nothing. I like it just the way it is. Status quo.”

    This city has done fine with the likes of Proctor&Gamble at the helm!!!!

    We don't need anything else! Our stupid mayor was on tv showing off how we waste money on rec. centers. Those kids don't need taxpayer funded basketball and baked goods. They need to turn off the rap music or go to Portland, CA!

    I wish Brad Wenstrup had won!

  8. Young Bi Portlander who loves his streetcarMarch 12, 2011 at 4:17 AM

    Travis, forget about those Cincinnati people and come out here to Portland where we will love you. You are H-O-T! With hot meat like you we only need organic foods the rest of the way.

    We'd love you in Portland where you and I could ride the streetcar all night long baby We don't have any jobs for you but we have a fantastic fare-free streetcar so all the unemployed can ride around our wonderful city while others work.

  9. The truth is both the city of Portland, and the Portland metro area, have an unemployment rate higher than the national average. Of course you can find one company here or there opening shop in Portland, but in totality the jobs are staying out of town more than coming or staying.

  10. COAST, with the video you posted, I wouldn't mind seeing Cincinnati become Portland. Those girls wearing glasses were pretty hot. Also, in the video, he said "Where young people go to retire," not where "hipsters go to retire."

    In your nonsensical, consistently lying tirade to try and swerve people against the streetcar, you're trying to hide the face that you're nothing but a bunch of old men out of touch with a younger generation who wants to see Cincinnati progress and prosper. Your recipe for repopulating Cincinnati has never been stated, simply because your group has never offered any solutions.

    COAST serves to build up the name of Chris Finney. All hail the Finney!

  11. Lost in this conversation is the fact that Portlandia is hilarious.

  12. Attracting people from other states has been what has won the west and southwest over the past five decades. If Mallory could reproduce that here, that would be wonderful.

    It beats John Kasich's approach which is to doom all cities in Ohio to become mini-Detroits by subsidizing sprawl. In Cincinnati's case, that means sending more Ohioans to Northern Kentucky by way of a new Brent Spence bridge.

    John Kasich doubles-down on suburbanization with his $8M hand-out to Bob Evans to move from Columbus to its suburbs, and his obsession with trying to develop Kentucky's airport - CVG, while ignoring both of the airports our city owns right here in Ohio.

    John Kasich also thumbs his nose at sunshine laws, calling them "stupid".

    John Kasich also released the largest General Revenue Fund budget in our state's history, while raiding a number of formerly-protected funds (such as the tangible property tax phase-out fund) and is proposing to sell off our state's turnpike, prisons, and other assets in the worst capital market of a generation.

    John Kasich is also raising fees all over the place while phasing out income taxes and estate taxes.

    From now on here's a new rule: COAST is neither against Spending or Taxes. Just like all "principled" Republican organizations, COAST eschews these values when it means keeping Republicans in power.


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