Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amtrak CEO ditches "high speed" train for a car

Rail cultists have strutted and fretted with much sound and fury about Governor Kasich's cancellation of the 3C Snail Rail Boondoggle. "We need transportation alternatives," they say, and "high speed rail is the wave of the future."

Yesterday America's highest speed rail line, Amtrak's Acela, broke down in Baltimore stranding the company's CEO and the reporter he was travelling with. Ironically they were en route to the ceremonial ribbon cutting of Wilmington, Delaware's recently renovated train station. It was being renamed in honor of Vice President and former Delaware Senator Joe Biden who helped shower it with stimulus funds.

After determining that he couldn't get to the train station by train, Amtrak's CEO finished his journey with an evil, sprawl-inducing, gas-guzzling, congestion-creating, but always reliable private automobile. Perhaps that's what new urbanists really mean by the term "automobile dependency".

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  1. Perhaps the advocates of the "no-car" lifestyle need to rethink their orthodoxy. Then again, as often as I see Cincinnati's "no-car" advocates getting in or out of their automobiles, it looks like they already have.

  2. Because cars never breakdown. Neither do airplanes, which are always on time.

  3. ^Remember the opening scene from Atlas Shrugged? Dagney Taggart would never abandon her customers for a bureaucrat. She'd find a way to get the train there.

    Amtrak will never amount to anything as long as they continue to view themselves as a quasi-government agency instead of a real business.

  4. Because Atlas Shrugs is real, right? BTW, Ayn Rand lived on welfare for the latter portion of her life.

  5. Well Fris,
    When my car breaks down guess who is responsible for paying to get it fixed - ME. The taxpayers are on the hook for your rail fail fixes though.

  6. Brad Thomas is a ride moochMarch 20, 2011 at 10:05 PM

    No big deal. I like to brag about going carless, but I just have my girlfried drive me around everywhere - in her car.

  7. Moderate DowntownerMarch 20, 2011 at 10:42 PM

    Nevermind the girlfriend, I've personally seen Mr. No Car Man Brad Thomas getting in and out of his car and driving around town. They sure love rail, just not for themselves.

  8. Wait, so he had a commitment to get to a place on time and his main method of transportation wasn't an option and he took an alternative? The audacity!

    This is just as bad as when someone has car troubles and uses one of those stupid rental cars or taxis. How about when someone takes the train when snow causes airlines to shut down, what a bunch of losers.

  9. What a bunch of losers anonymous? No, the losers are those that backed the urban choo choo, which will never, ever be built. Enjoy the losers' bracket. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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