Monday, December 14, 2009

Rand Paul Money Bomb

Are You Ready for a Tea Party?

Published on 14 December 2009 by Christopher Hightower in General News, In The Media

On December 16, 2007, supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul broke the all time fundraising record by raising $6 million in a single day, holding tea parties throughout the USA to protest an oppressive government.

The sentiment spread like a flame of liberty across the entire country, as more people became aware of the dangers government control poses to their lives, liberty and property. Millions of people from all political backgrounds now participate in local tea parties, and are proving too volatile to channel into supporting politics as usual, causing headaches for politicians of both parties who would ignore the Constitution or vote to further burden the people.

Dr. Rand Paul’s race is a microcosm of the ideological struggle afoot. Founder of Kentucky Taxpayers United, Dr. Paul is one of the concerned citizens who stepped forward from the movement to fight the status quo and restore our founders’ vision of liberty. He has shaken up politics in Kentucky, rising above the establishment candidate in the polls, and outraising all candidates in the third quarter.

On December 16, the diverse coalition of patriots backing Dr. Paul will attempt to outraise the establishment machine once again, a feat that would put Rand in a commanding position according to this analysis at the Bluegrass Bulletin. Without the support of lobbyists and special interests, the success of this effort will depend entirely on donations of any size from concerned individuals. So if you are able, please join in this historic undertaking!

Please pledge at and donate what you can on December 16!

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