Friday, October 24, 2008

Pepper, Portune back Planned Parenthood funding; New County policy of funding abortion provider

Despite a claimed fiscal crisis, on Monday of this week liberal democrats Todd Portune and David Pepper voted to approve funding of Planned Parenthood to the tune of $26,255. COAST joined Cincinnati Right to Life and Citizens for Community Values in e-mailing their members against this misuse of tax funds. An outcry from more than 1,500 residents nearly closed down business in the County administrative offices with calls and e-mails. This decision to fund Planned Parenthood is not intended to be an isolated occurrence. COAST has learned that earlier this year the Family & Children First Council announced that "since the political climate has changed" (i.e., a new liberal majority on the Commission), the Council made Planned Parenthood a subgrantee of the Council," eligible for annual grants. This dramatic switch in policy -- permanently funding Planned Parenthood -- is a big-spending new direction for our County Commission. Commissioner DeWine has introduced a resolution that will work to rectify this new policy.

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