Friday, October 24, 2008

Pay back Portune treachery: vote Rothenberg

Todd Portune is facing re-election this year to the Hamilton County Commission, just one year after defeat of the cornerstone of his policy after a liberal democrat majority took control of the Commission - the Super-Sized Jail tax. Fortunately, COASTer and Republican Ed Rothenberg is challenging this devious politician in November. COAST endorses Rothenberg.

"Todd Portune betrayed his own constituents when he imposed the ½ cent Super-Sized Jail Sales Tax without a public vote," said COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd. "Fortunately, the treachery energized both COAST and a broad left-right coalition to collect 56,951 signatures from 642 volunteers to place the issue before the voters."

*COAST erroneously stated the Super-Sized Sales tax was for one-cent in its October Absentee Ballot Endorsements. The Super-Sized Jail Tax increase was for one-half cent only.

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