Friday, May 9, 2008

Portune mocks Tax Freedom Day

Todd Portune's record as a tax-and-spend politician has been firmly established, particularly (but by no means exclusively) by his attempted end-run around the voters last year with the Super-Sized Jail Tax.

However, even COAST was suprised when Portune openly mocked "Tax Freedom Day" at an official meeting of the Commission in April. (click here to listen to Portune's rant) Portune, responding to Commissioner Pat DeWine's concerns of more wasteful spending policies by the Commissioners launched into a 5-minute diatribe against "conservative talk show hosts" and COAST for promoting Tax Freedom Day. Portune also belittled those who criticize pork barrel earmarking.

Tax Freedom Day has been commemorated annually by the National Tax Foundation to mark the day each year when taxpayers, devoting all of their earnings to their government burdens, would have paid their obligations to the government.

Portune, decrying the occasion, said: "Today is, I think I heard on some of the radio stations, National Taxpayer Freedom Day or something like that ... so all the conservative talk show hosts are out there drumming up anti-tax this and anti-tax that and all are opposed to earmarks."

COAST appreciates Portune so clearly showing his big-tax, big spending stripes. Usually we have to work to reveal his big-government proclivities.

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