Friday, May 9, 2008

Portune and Pepper appoint pigs to divide up feed at the hotel-motel tax trough

With a projected excess of more than $3 million in the hotel-motel tax annually for the next 20 years, the County Commission has made a decision to waste the money on new programs, rather than retire the convention center expansion bonds early. You may recall that last year Pepper and Portune opposed efforts to dedicate the surplus to their stated priority - public safety. Instead, they funded pet programs for their cronies such as a $75,000 grant to the Film Commission.

To ascertain how to spend the surplus in future years, Portune and Pepper have appointed a new panel to divvy up the cash. Who's on the panel? Everyday taxpayers, businessmen, factory workers and secretaries? Of course not.

Rather, Pepper and Portune appointed their campaign donors and friends, including representatives of the Cincinnati and Sharonville convention and visitors' bureaus, the very recipients of the tax monies.

It's politics as usual by these liberal democrats. Is anyone surprised?

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