Sunday, October 4, 2015

It's Official: Ohio Supreme Court is overtly hostile in Sunshine Law cases

So, it turns out we are not paranoid after all and it's not just our imagination.

A group devoted to transparency in government in Ohio, the Ohio Coalition for Open Government (OCOG) has issued a report that confirms the view that the Ohio Supreme Court most often sides with government officials in cases involving government access and transparency.

COAST has pursued with vigor litigation involving open meetings and public records to assure that the public's business is conducted in the fresh air and sunshine, before the public.  Unfortunately, in decision after decision, the Ohio Supreme Court has chipped away at what surely is a well-written state and local public records law.  They have, in short, made mincemeat of what is a well-written statute, issuing rulings clearly contrary to statutory language to achieve their desired policy outcome.  It is truly shameful. 

The OCOG report goes even further, to name names of the offending Justices.  The worst offender: Justice Terrance O'Donnell.  The best: Justice Judith French.  

Read the OCOG press release here. And the OCOG full report here 

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