Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rapacious Xerox Corporation sues City of Cleveland over Red Light Cameras

Giving us one more reason the voters of Cleveland should string their elected officials up by their toes from the nearest streetlight pole, today the Xerox Corporation sued the City of Cleveland over the early termination of its red light camera program.

Let's recite the facts.  In August of last year, the citizens of Cleveland submitted signatures to the City to ban red light cameras in that fair City.  In June of that same year -- while City fathers knew the petitions calling for repeal were being circulated -- the City signed a new 3-year contract with Xerox for the operation of the cameras, with an early termination penalty built-in.

In November of last year, the voters of the City of Cleveland -- in a COAST-backed Charter amendment banning the cameras -- voted to ban the devices by a stunning 77% of the vote.

Now as a matter of law, the Courts will need to sort out the legal claims.  But how contemptuous of the citizenry is it for the Mayor, Council and administration to sign a contract binding the City to either allow the cameras or to pay a penalty to Xerox for their early termination?

Remember, earlier this year, Columbus and Cincinnati City officials were implicated in a bribery scheme over the pernicious devices perpetrated by officials of RedFlex, a prime competitor to Xerox for the confiscatory red light camera business.  That confession by a RedFlex official arose from the bribery charges in the procurement of the $1 billion Chicago red light camera contract.  These new developments are on top of those burgeoning bribery scandals enveloping the red light camera industry.

And remember that this greedy Xerox Corporation is the same filthy bastard that wanted to enslave Cincinnatians to a Parking Plot that sold our meters to the private profiteers.

Finally, remember that COAST was a leading organization, along with our WeDemandaVote.Com partner, the Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP that stopped both of these programs dead in their tracks.  (Deep bow from COAST.)

The voters of Cleveland need to hold their elected and appointed officials accountable for signing a contract potentially exposing them to this liability.

Read about it here from FoxNews.Com.

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