Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Media wrap on Cleveland Red Light Cameras

Here is a media rundown on yesterday's turn-in of Red Light Camera Petitions in Cleveland. 

COAST is given credit has being part of a broad coalition up there that also includes:
  1. Cuyahoga County for Liberty, 
  2. Black on Black Crime, Inc., and 
  3. Liberate Ohio,
Again, the broad left-right, black-white coalition that has united to place the issue before the voters is a thing of beauty!

Voters in Cleveland and Maple Heights should have the chance to ban these devices this fall.

It's a great step for liberty! 


  1. Figured you freaks would get a kick out of this with your lust for carnage, mayhem, and grief.

  2. Meh. Just an unfortunate event.
    Wait a minute, you're the one with the death obsession, Quimbob. Now if you can find a streetcar laying belly-up, with its guts spilled out all over the street, that might get a rise out of us!


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