Saturday, September 1, 2012

Post-Labor Day will be active for COAST

The coming 68 days are going to be very busy, offering a rich set of opportunities to change the direction of our City, State and nation for the better.

COAST and COASTers are hip-deep in many of the momentous battles underway and intend to help educate and persuade voters about their role in this important election and other issues that are developing.
  • COAST and COASTers are helping with the election of Mitt Romney to President, Paul Ryan as Vice President.
  • We pushing the election of Josh Mandel to the U.S. Senate, and hopefully, the takeover by the GOP of the Senate, wresting control from Harry Reid.
  • COAST is going to initiate a legal battle to stop the use of monies form the sale of the Blue Ash Airport property by the City of Cincinnati for the Cincinnati Streetcar project.
  • COAST is going to launch a major campaign to stop a massive Duke Energy rate increase on City ratepayers to fund the Cincinnati Streetcar project.
  • We will educate voters on the bizarre and unconstitutional construction of State Issue 2 that creates a frightening scheme for Congressional and State House redistricting in Ohio.
  • We are going to expose the Cincinnati initiative to extend Council terms as merely a shield to raise taxes, for as soon as the initiative passes, the new-elected Council will have no fear of the electorate.
So, stay tuned for an exciting 68 days, and be prepared to respond to COAST's calls to action!

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