Friday, May 4, 2012

A party that can cleanse itself is a healthy, vibrant, successful party

In the same way a healthy human being is able to fight off disease, and re-grow strength, rehabilitate, and re-energize after an injury, the sign of strength of a political party is its ability to cleanse itself of weak, corrupt and out-of-step elected officials and other leaders.

This year, we have seen the health of the Republican Party in Cincinnati, in Ohio and in the region with:

  • The stunning March defeat of Representative Jean Schmidt, a pox on the GOP at home and in D.C., our "most corrupt" representative.
  • The rejection and replacement of Kevin DeWine as Ohjo GOP Chairman.
  • And now, the coming defeat Tuesday of Senator Dick Lugar in Indiana.
  • We can only hope that in June, Utah voters are equally principled and informed in replacing Orrin Hatch.
So, yes, we get discouraged from time to time.  But there is no question that conservative in Ohio and Indiana are on the march, and able to fight entrenched incumbents from their power perch, and replacement those "diseased" units with quality personnel.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you grow a healthy, vibrant, successful party.

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