Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Great News for Ohio’s 27th District!

Many of you are aware that our COAST Co-Founder, Tom Brinkman, is running for the 27th House District in the March 6th primary. As you recall, Tom has proven himself time and time again during his eight years in representing the 34th District. 

COAST is, of course, once again pleased to endorse Tom Brinkman, Jr. for State Representative.

Primaries are expensive and that is just the first battle.  COAST asks that you stop what you are doing now and write a check to the Brinkman Campaign Committee. My forceful request comes as we reach the end of 2011. If you donate this year, you will be able to help again in 2012.

The State of Ohio has a $100 per couple/$50 per person income tax credit which makes your contribution of that amount FREE to the Brinkman Campaign Committee!

COAST views this in two ways:

1) As a loan that you will get back against my massive State of Ohio income tax bill
2) The only time I am able to direct exactly where and for what my Ohio tax dollars are being

Tom needs your help!   

Please do not let him down. He has never let us down. And, all of you who know Tom know that he will work to become the most effective Representative in the State of Ohio. For more information on Tom, please visit:  http://gobrinkman.com/

Please make your checks payable to: 
Brinkman Campaign Committee and mail them to:

Brinkman Campaign Committee
P.O. Box 9714
Cincinnati, OH  45209

On behalf of Tom, we thank you for your support and, Happy New Year!


  1. Congratulations to COAST for embracing the candidacy of Tom Brinkman - The only member of the Ohio General Assembly to vote "No" on ratifying the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. It is curious to recognize that city councilmembers and COAST members Winburn and Smitherman would embrace such a man.


  2. Hey genius, the 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868. Tom Brinkman was not in the Legislature in 1868, in case you didn't know.


    "The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified on July 9, 1868"

  3. Ohio ratified it in 1867 and then rescinded this ratification in 1868 (along with New Jersey).

    It was then re-ratified in 2003, when Tom Brinkman was in the Ohio General Assembly, with a near-unanimous vote in the Ohio House (less one vote by Tom Brinkman) and a unanimous vote in the state senate.

    It helps to actually read and understand history.

  4. Actually Coleman, you seem to have no understanding of how an amendment is ratified. Once an amendment is ratified by the required number of states, it is then part of the Constitution. The 14th Amendment was ratified and became part of the United States Constitution on July 9, 1868.

    Once it is part of the Constitution it then applies to all states. Ohio had no more power to "ratify" the 14th Amendment in 2003 than Alaska or Hawaii which didn't become states until the 20th Century.

  5. I have a clear understanding of how it works. In 1868, despite the actions of New Jersey & Ohio, the requisite number of states still ratified it. Thus, the 14th amendment to the Constitution was still enacted.

    I never once said this didn't happen. However, just like your inability to properly research a topic or properly understand a written budget document, you have decided to argue that I claimed something I did not: Namely, that Tom Brinkman somehow kept the 14th amendment from being enacted.

    Far from the truth. In spite of knucle-draggers like Tom Brinkman, the 14th amendment did become part of the US Constitution. In 2003, Rep. Tom Brinkment did have a chance along with the rest of the Ohio General Assembly to honor the constitution and support the already-enacted fourteenth amendment through a ratification vote.

    Every single other member of the OGA voted (long overdue) for Ohio to ratify the 14th amendment. Tom Brinkman did not.

    So not only do Chris Smitherman, Tom Luken, Charlie Winburn and COAST support a man who is opposed to the 14th amendment and all of the good it has accomplished, they are also supporting a man who is an extremist wingnut who is far from the mainstream of the majority of voters in any part of Hamilton County. Additionally, they also support someone who refuses to support ALL of the Constitution (and is on record for this).

    Some "Tea Party".


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