Sunday, November 6, 2011

School Board endorsements

COAST endorses:

Dan Unger for Northwest Local School Board

Colleen Greissinger for Sycamore School Board

Arnie Engel for Fairfield School Board

These candidates offer fiscally responsible solutions to education issues

COAST proudly supports Dan Unger for re-election to the Northwest Local School Board. Dan is a rock-ribbed conservative with a proven record of fighting for taxpayers. Dan has fought for more transparency both by working to get Board meetings televised & introducing legislation to make District expenditures public. He has opposed massive, unnecessary tax levies, and has argued for closer public oversight of large District expenditures. COAST strongly urges that Dan Unger be returned to the Northwest Local School Board to maintain a fiscal watchdog position on an otherwise free-spending Board. You can learn more about Dan by visiting his website and watching his campaign video.

Newcomer Colleen Greissinger of Blue Ash is seeking a seat on the Sycamore School Board. Colleen is a private sector professional who strongly advocates for transparency in the use of taxpayer dollars, and promises to maintain the quality of education in the Sycamore District without asking taxpayers for additional funding. COAST asks residents of the Sycamore School District to say no to their big-spending District by electing Colleen Greissinger. You can learn more about Colleen by visiting her website.

Former Fairfield School Board member Arnold Engel has been a long-time advocate of fiscal responsibility in Fairfield. He was so effective in spreading the word about the District's fiscal mismanagement that the unions and pro-tax slate of candidates got together to defeat him in his 2009 re-election quest. As is the usual, they resorted to dirty tricks, and even outright lawlessness, which has led to the forced resignation of one sitting Board member, along with a felony indictment. COAST strongly urges the residents of the Fairfield School District to send a message that dirty camaigning to achieve higher taxes will not be tolerated. Fairfield residents should send Arnold Engel back to the School Board. You can learn more about Arnie by visiting his website.

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  1. If you don't vote for me, I'll come at you with a drill! I'm fiscally responsible, but mentally unstable!


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