Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Three important events this week!

COAST encourages it members and readers of COAST News to attend these three rallies promoting conservative causes and candidates over the coming week:
Americans for Prosperity “Regulation Reality Tour”
~ This evening! ~

            This evening the Americans for Prosperity “Regulation Reality Tour” comes to Harrison Ohio featuring AFP President Tom Phillips.  The event if hosted by Joe Maas, Vice President of Manufacturing and Production at J.T.M. Food Group and will feature both George Brunemann, Community Leader for Cincinnati Tea Party and small business owner and Jason Gloyd, Chairman of Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes.  Free barbecue and refreshments will be served.
Date and Time:          Tuesday, May 11
at 5:30 pm
Where:                        J.T.M Food Group
205 Industrial Lane
Harrison, Ohio 45030
            The Cincinnati area stop is part of AFP's "Regulation Reality Tour," which is making five stops in Ohio May 10 and 11.  The Ohio events are in Medina, Dover, OSU in Columbus (for students only), Marysville, and the Cincinnati area.  The goal of the Tour is to educate citizens on how the EPA is trying to regulate "climate change" without a vote of Congress and how the regulations will effect Ohio's businesses, energy prices, and economy.  AFP will be asking citizens to contact their elected officials and ask them to stop this power grab by the EPA.  Our website for the Tour is www.regulationreality.com
Kasich for Governor Rally, Thursday!
The first post-primary event for the Republican nominee for Governor, John Kasich, comes to Clermont County this Thursday night, May 15.  Please join this important event:
Date and Time:          Thursday, May 13
at 6:00 pm
Where:   Union Township Amphitheater
(Clermont County)
4350 Aicholz Road

Rand Paul for United States Senate Rally, Saturday!
            COAST endorsed Rand Paul for Senate in the early days of his race, and now he is leading the polls for the May 18 Republican primary election on Tuesday, May 18 by double digits.  His candidacy will rock the Washington establishment on its heels.
            Senator (and renowned Baseball Hall of Fame Pitcher) Jim Bunning will be on hand for the event.
Join Rand Paul and other lovers of liberty for this critical last push for votes:

Date and Time:          Saturday, May 15
at 1:00 pm
Where:        Rand Paul for U.S. Senate
8184 mall Road
Florence, Kentucky


  1. Rand Paul is a true conservative, honoring those who died in 9/11 with his crazy 9/11 conspiracy theories. Glad COAST supports him.

  2. Funny, I don't remember Tairy railing against the Democratic Party when their National Chairman (Crazy Howard Dean) was out spewing 9/11 conspiracy theories. Hmmmmm. Glad you supported him. Why is that?

  3. Provost = unapologetic Racist Homophobe

    Its funny to see the streetcar folks bitch about COAST supporting Rand Paul when they have a racist hompohobe in their own ranks that they are happy to buddy up to

  4. Rand Paul is imploding after his nomination win. Good work for choosing a looney as your prima donna hopeful!


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