Monday, November 2, 2009

COAST 2009 Sample Poll Ballot

COAST hereby issues its 2009 candidate and issue endorsements. Feel free to print out a copy and bring it with you into the voting booth. Polls open tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6:30AM. They close at 7:30PM, but as long as you are in line by that time, you must be permitted to vote. The complete list of Hamilton County Ohio Candidates and Issues can be viewed here.

Mayor of Cincinnati - Brad Wenstrup
Wenstrup was instrumental in cleaning up the Abu Ghraib mess in Iraq. He won the praises of his adversaries at an enemy prison in the middle of a hot war zone. That's the kind of leadership we need! Wenstrup has also pledged not to raise taxes or fees during his term. The man he'll replace has made an enemy of his own police force and labor unions, and brought at least one beleaguered neighborhood to the brink of secession. This choice is a no-brainer.

Cincinnati City Council - Chris Monzel, Charlie Winburn
Both have taken strong public positions to advance responsible spending, and have pledged not to raise taxes or fees. They also strongly advocate that the people should have a right to vote on any sale of the Water Works, or major passenger rail purchase. Other candidates who have pledged not to raise taxes or fees, but who have not affirmed our right to vote on expensive, long term public policy issues are Leslie Ghiz, Amy Murray, LaMarque Ward, and George Zamary.

Cheviot Treasurer - Charlie Norman
Charlie is a COAST Board Member, and a very strong fiscal conservative. As a lifelong Cheviot resident and former City Council Member, he has the qualifications and credentials to continue leading Cheviot to even better financial health. Norman has been an unwavering taxpayer watchdog, and a consistent advocate for responsible government.

Anderson Township Trustee - Albert F. Peter, Peggy D. Reis
Both have helped COAST, and have stellar records on taxes & spending. Through good stewardship, they weathered sheriff's patrol cuts with no new taxes and no service cuts. They stretched their 5 year levy to almost 9 years through careful budgeting and spending cuts. Read more here.

Cincinnati School Board - John Banner, Christopher McDowell
John is a proud member of COAST who embodies the ideals of fiscal restraint and excellence in education. Both will be strong voices on the board to make sure that taxpayers receive value for their investment in public education.

Fairfield School Board - Arnold Engel, Victor Rivera, Tony Steer
All three candidates promote excellent education, accountability and balanced budgets. Incumbent Arnold Engel has proposed 33 ideas that could save or generate over $10,000,000 for the district. They deserve your vote.

Mason School Board - Jennifer Miller
Mason has grown a lot, and spent a lot. But they enjoy some of the highest education rankings in Ohio. Clearly they are doing a lot of things right, and Jennifer Miller has been a key ingredient in that success. Often she is the lone voice advocating fiscal restraint and accountability. And she's just as demanding on educational excellence. She doesn't back down from uncomfortable situations, and that vigor has led Mason to new heights. Voters are lucky to have her, and would be wise to return her to the board.

Fairfield Twp Trustee - Shannon Hartkemeyer, Jeremy Furniss**
Shannon believes in conservative values such as fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets. She has worked in the private sector as an industrial engineer and with The Cincinnati Tea Party. Her experience would be beneficial to the township. Jeremy is also active in the 9/12 and Tea Party movements. He believes in fiscal conservative values, and also deserves your vote

Issue 3, Casino Amendment
COAST has not taken a position, but desires to educate voters that this issue will grant an exclusive casino franchise to four pieces of property in Ohio, already owned by two casino developers. COAST encourages voters to understand this ballot issue does not generally allow gambling in Ohio, but is aimed at benefiting these two corporate gambling interests exclusively and perpetually.

Issue 7, Public Library - AGAINST THE TAX LEVY
Saves the owner of a $100,000 home about $31 a year if it fails. The library has shown no willingness whatsoever to reduce its costs or economize its operations. Click here for full story. The state reduced the overall library budget by 15%. We recommend giving them a year to adjust to the new funding level to see how much they really need.

Issue 8, Water Works Charter Amendment - Yes
Requires the city to get voter approval before selling or otherwise disposing of our 170 year old, award-winning Water Works utility. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. This decision is too far-reaching to entrust solely to a group of two and four year elected officials. The public owns it, and must be consulted prior to any change in ownership.

Issue 9, Trolley or Streetcar Charter Amendment - Yes
Requires the city to get voter approval before spending money on the two most expensive aspects of a passenger rail transportation system. In 93 years the city has undertaken three major passenger rail projects. All were complete failures costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. All signs indicate that the proposed streetcar plan will be the fourth such expensive failure. A vote will allow the public to speak with one voice to either accept or reject such a plan, and the massive long term debt that goes with it.

Issue 52, Cincinnati School Levy - AGAINST THE TAX LEVY
Saves the owner of a $100,000 home about $279 a year if it fails. Over the last several years enrollment has declined by over 20%, but their tax levy has remained virtually the same. In fact, this proposed levy remains the same as the one it replaces. Failure of this levy would reduce their overall budget by about 15%. Now would be an ideal time to help them make the necessary adjustment.

Issue 57, Little Miami Fire & Rescue - AGAINST THE TAX LEVY
The Newtown Village Council, who is one of the primary beneficiaries of the levy, urges a vote against. Read more here.

Other Tax Levies - It's okay to vote AGAINST THE TAX LEVY
Their ads imply that a vote against will leave them penniless, but in reality no agency stands to lose more than about 15% of their funding if their levy fails. Everybody appreciates the fine work these agencies do, but for them to remain viable into the future, they need you to help them tighten their belts. While COAST takes no position on the other levies, we want to remind you that it's OK to vote against them. You will have a chance to vote again next year. Read more here.


  1. We are encouraging everyone to support Leslie Ghiz, Jeff "Bengal" Berding, Chris Bortz, and Roxanne Qualls. These 4 know how to raise taxes and support pro-taxers on both sides of the aisle.


  3. Very clever, but if you would actually like to vote for or against a street car, you need to vote Yes on 9. Yes on 9 to have your voice.

  4. Eat a doughnut for breakfast, NO ON NINE!

  5. just got back from voting...COAST ballot in hand.
    Boy it feels great to vote YES on 8 and 9.

    yes 8 yes 9!

  6. Issue 9 goes down in flames. Ditto Dr. Mc Footy. Ditto Amy Murray. All Levies passing.


  7. Thankfully Issue 9 failed. Mark Twain was actually proven wrong for once.

    Had COAST made Issue 9 only about streetcars in city limits, they probably would have won. Their egos made them want to stop any and all rail projects in the region. Even the most conservative anti-spender does not enjoy forcing their hometown to rot.

    Now for COAST's promise on Cunningham if Issue 9 lost...

  8. COAST has made itself Irrelevant. When challenged on an issue it loses. Even when it tries to trick the voters...COAST has become the Nate Livingston of the Republican party!! Time to Disbain boys and regroup..Hopefully in the future you will not try to hold the city back from Progressing..Thanks for the endorsement For Berding, Bortz, Ghiz, & Qualls. They are all back!! Bring on the Streetcar

  9. Sometimes COAST, you just "Can't Stop Progress:"

  10. 100% of COAST backed Cincinnati city Council candidates won office. 100% of council candidates that supported Issue 9 won.

  11. Really Bris? Amy Murray won?? Jennifer Miller won??? Arnold Engel??? Dr. McFooty won?????

    COAST endorsed 14 candidates and took a stand on five ballot issues. Ten of the 14 COAST-endorsed candidates lost, including three incumbents, and voters rejected the COAST position on four of the five issues.


  12. Bris, do you just make things up as you go. 100% of issue 9 supporters made it onto city council? I take it that is just Chris Monzel, Laketa Cole, and Charlie Winburn. All of the rest that were voted in were against Issue 9. Even COAST backed Amy Murray was against Issue 9. Her name was removed from this blog site but she was backed on COAST's main website.

  13. Anonymous -
    Chris Monzel and Charlie Winburn were the only two Council candidates to openly support Issue 9. They were both elected. That is 100%, even using progressor math.


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