Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Tafties Try to Move Up

Taftie Jon Husted
Wants to be Secretary of State
(COAST hopes not)

Bob Taft is gone, but the legislators who faithfully supported his eight years of higher taxes and spending refuse to go away. COAST here highlighted Michelle Schneider’s campaign to move to the State Senate. Now, former Speaker Jon Husted has announced plans to ascend to the office of Ohio Secretary of State. COAST thinks his promotion is a bad idea.

COAST reported here and here how Jon Husted took campaign funds from John Pepper and then blocked a vote on an amendment to strip Pepper’s Freedom Center of $875,000 in new tax dollars. Husted’s competence in running elections, a core responsibility of the Secretary of State’s office, is seriously in question. First, Husted’s House passed electoral “reform” measures that allowed democrats to seize control of the election rules last fall, contributing to the 2008 democrat landslide. Further, Husted’s own residency is a major issue. Finally, Husted was a reliable vote for Taft and previous Speaker Larry Householder every time they asked for a tax increase.

Fortunately, COAST hero Sandy O’Brien is opposing Husted in the Republican primary for Secretary of State. Ohio Republicans will have a true competent and conservative choice for Secretary of State in 2010! O’Brien previously bested Taft appointee Jeanette Bradley in 2006.

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