Thursday, August 7, 2008

They’re baaaack . . . angling for a new “arts” tax

A year and a half ago, COAST documented actions by big-government advocates to implement yet another new tax for the “arts” in Hamilton County (read this and this ). Well, they are back again.

Liberal Commission Democrats Todd Portune and David Pepper have already voted to give your tax monies to the Film Commission, and Portune has voted in favor of wasting money on the National underground Railroad Freedom Center.

Well, in early July, a COAST member from Colerain Township received a formal survey from the Fallon Group, a notorious pro-tax public research firm, gauging support for new public funding for the “arts” in Hamilton County and a new tax levy promoting the same.
So, even in the midst of the County budget “crisis” and the misery of rising gas prices and falling home values, the plan has moved from mere talk, to surveying the voters to test their reaction to such a tax.

“COAST double dares Portune and Pepper to put the tax before the voters,” said Chairman Jason Gloyd. “Nothing could please us more than to expose their mis-placed priorities than this foolish boondoggle.”

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